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About Dr. V. Norene Christensen


Born and raised in New Jersey, Norene came west for skiing and outdoor activities like climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking. Since being out west she also began to enjoy fly fishing, hunting, sea kayaking and snowmobiling. She enjoys fine wine, gardening and her family.

Meet the team A Note From Norene
“The most incredible PT I’ve ever had. We worked on getting my knee bend/straight since I had my total knee replacement 4 months ago. Hands down the best therapy I have had this year. I highly recommend Dr. Norene (Dr. No) and her team. She works hard to get you the best results quick. She did more in 2 weeks for me than my physical therapist’s back home did in 2 months. Thank you for your attentive care! Wish I could stay in Jackson longer to keep seeing them at 4 Pines physical therapy!”

Cheryl C.

“I am so thankful for Four Pines! The staff is amazing. I was in town for a trip to the Tetons when I started experiencing knee pain. I was headed to Glacier next and worried about the rest of my trip. Norene spent over an hour with me treating my knee and helping me find ways to manage the pain. I was able to hike in Glacier and enjoy the rest of my trip because of Four Pines. I wish I could come to this office regularly!”

Sandi J.

“I highly recommend Four Pines for PT. I had two shoulder surgeries and found the therapists and the environment great. And, I believe they are a better value than some of their competitors in Jackson.”

Rodger N.

“Very good service and patient communication. I am very happy with treatment.”

Jim B.

“My first winter in Jackson Four Pines brought my torn labrum back to a place where I could ski confidently. The PTs at Four Pines understand the unique outdoor lifestyle we live in this valley and cater their treatments towards it. Two close friends have also rehabbed injuries at Four Pines and had great experiences.”

Luke T.

“The team at Four Pines Physical Therapy helped one of our family members with tremendous professionalism and knowledge. Get yourself back on track to better health with Four Pines Physical Therapy.”


“After a rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair, I was lucky enough to rehabilitate my shoulder in the capable hands of Mouna and Amanda at the Four Pines PT office in Rafter J. It was time and money well spent! Mouna was especially patient, knowledgeable, and great at motivating me to make a solid recovery. Thanks to these two ladies, I am able to do all the sports I love again.”

Rose S.

“Fantastic experience. Anna and the staff at Four Pines helped back to being over a broken leg quickly. The best.”

Steve S.

“I’ve had the misfortune to need these guys on more than one occasion and have found them Super friendly and very knowledgeable (not to mention patient). Thanks.”

Jeter C.

“As a three time physical therapy patient, for three different body parts, I felt right at home at Four Pines Physical Therapy. My therapist listened, they understood my pain and helped me set goals. Never during my treatment did I feel like my pain wasn’t real nor did I feel I was not heard. Four Pines is awesome and I believe strongly that you should give them a try if you are in pain, it will change your life for the better!”

Karen P.

“Accommodating me during these times via virtual appointments and follow ups and helping me not feel alone.”

Sherry M.

“I have had a great experience over the last 5 weeks with the Four Pines staff, particularly with my therapist, Liz Scherer. Liz took time each session to explain what was going on with my hip and what she and I were going to do to about it. Her massage techniques helped a lot to loosen up my hip and IT band. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a thoughtful, competent, thorough, and patient physical therapist.”

Joyce B.

"I've been working with Mark for my physical therapy, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Mark has a remarkable ability to simplify complex terms and exercises, making it easy for me to understand how each step is benefiting my therapy process. Beyond his expertise, what sets Mark apart is his genuine care for his clients. He goes above and beyond to ensure not just progress, but comfort and understanding throughout the journey. In addition, Henry and all the other technicians are wonderful and helpful with this entire process of therapy too. The entire team has created a professional and supportive environment that has made my rehabilitation journey smooth and effective. Highly recommend Mark and the entire team at Four Pines Therapy!""

Gina J.