About the Annual Teton Tune-Up

Some preventative health habits are instilled in us at a young age. For as long as you can remember, for example, you made annual treks first to the pediatrician and dentist. As you get older, your annual treks may include your doctor, OBGYN, optometrist and dentist.

You probably figure that between the three to four healthcare professionals (doctor, dentist, optometrist, OBGYN), all of your health needs are covered, right?

There is One Annual Checkup That’s Missing From Your Calendar!

Whether you are young or old—how you move is a great predictor of injuries and other dysfunctions to come, and no one is better trained to identify your risks than a PT. From a full assessment of your fundamental movements, PTs can get a clear picture of what the future will bring you.

What Does The Teton Tune-Up Entail?

A Specialized Physical Therapist will:
  • Talk about any pain that you may have or worried that you might have
  • Perform a full body muscle assessment (flexibility, strength and coordination)
  • Perform a Full Body Joint Assessment (range of motion)
  • Assess your functional limitations (stairs, lifting, moving)
  • Teach you how to take care of yourself naturally, without medications.
  • Teach you how to prevent or avoid surgery
  • Provide you with important information and a program that is designed for you so that you can take care of yourself, naturally
To learn more or to schedule your Teton Tune-Up contact us at Four Pines Physical Therapy today!