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Every Winter We All Wonder How Much Snow We Will Be Getting

Shoveling Snow

Well you know the ol’ saying in our area – 9 months of winter…..3 months of road construction! That being said, it is time for us to bunker down and prepare to dig ourselves out of our homes and barns while trying to stay vertical at the same time!

Here are some tips to keep you safe!

Shoveling takes time….don’t lift heavy snow loads just trying to get it done…you may end up in the snow yourself!

  • Warm Up! Have a good warm drink, move around, bend forwards/backwards/side to side, squat and stretch to prepare your muscles for some hard work.
  • Use a light weight plastic shovel to help take some of the weight off the load
  • Know Your Lifting Limits!
  • Use good form – try to push rather than lift and throw the snow
  • Use your arms and legs – not your back
  • Keep your knees bent and keep a safe wide base of support to keep you stable
  • Keep loads close, do not reach out especially under load
  • Scoop and lift small amounts of snow upwards and forward to throw
  • Pivot your whole body to throw the snow (if you must throw it to the side) rather than twisting just your back

Prevent Slipping and Falling While Shoveling… don’t wear your slippers....it’s another way to end up in the snow yourself!

  • Wear good soled shoes for traction
  • Use some type of ice cleat (ie Yaktraks, MICROspikes) to prevent slipping on ice
  • Take smaller steps
  • Slow Down

You have a Snow blower!... Great News….Now let’s stay out from underneath it!

  • Read Above for preventing slips and falls
  • Wear good gloves that will not slip and ear protection
  • Follow the snow blower instructions on use – do not pull to back up while the rotor is moving….great way to only need one shoe
  • Do not manhandle the snow blower to get into tight corners – that’s for shovels
  • With the snow blower off, safely clean the rotors to ease the use of the machine and its efficiency to clear snow

Four Pines Physical Therapy Wishes You A Safe and Fun Winter!

Dr. V. Norene Christensen

Dr. V. Norene Christensen

Born and raised in New Jersey, Norene came west for skiing and outdoor activities like climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking. Since being out west she also began to enjoy fly fishing, hunting, sea kayaking and snowmobiling. She enjoys fine wine, gardening and her family.
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