About Men's Pelvic Health

Men's pelvic health has fallen behind in research, and recognition of pelvic floor muscle problems as they relate to overall health, specifically urogenital health. Pelvic health problems have received more attention from the medical community in general for women, leaving men confused, isolated and searching for answers.

Pelvic pain is reported by 15% of adult men worldwide, 90% of those men will have symptoms consistent with chronic pelvic pain syndrome, while 8.2% will experience prostatitis-like symptoms.

Pelvic Health concerns are coming to the forefront. Pelvic floor physical therapy can be extremely helpful to address some of the challenges that men may have when their pelvic floors are not working properly including:

  • Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pelvic Pain including Chronic Prostatitis, Testicular and Penile pain syndromes
  • Nocturia (frequent urination at night)
  • Symptoms of retention which can often be associated with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and/or a tight pelvic floor
  • Tight Pelvic Floor
  • Chronic Constipation
There are a wide variety of symptoms patients experience when dealing with chronic pelvic pain. Contact Four Pines Physical Therapy to discuss your symptoms and treatment options today.