About Running Assessments

Whether you are new to the running world or a professional marathoner with years of experience, Four Pines Physical Therapy’s running assessment is designed to help runners feel better, train harder, and go faster. Using slow-motion video analysis of your running form, we will develop an individualized program to help you achieve your running goals.

We offer two Running Assessment Levels of Service

  1. BASIC: This evaluation will focus solely on footwear assessment and the clinician can make recommendations as to what type of shoe and/or orthotic would be best for your foot type and running style.
  2. COMPREHENSIVE: Includes footwear assessment of the BASIC package, however, also allows time for the provider to look at your strength, mobility and assess your running form. From this information, the clinician will make recommendations for running technique to improve performance and prevent injury.
  3. What do I Need to Bring?

    • All current running shoes (trail, race etc)
    • Athletic clothes to run in
    • Any current orthotic devices