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8 Great Things to Do in Wyoming During Winter If you Didn’t Have To Worry About Back Pain


80% of Americans will experience back pain at least once in their lifetime. If you are living with back pain, then you might also feel pain in your butt and down your leg (sciatica). Back pain can limit your ability to sit, stand, walk, and sleep. It can also stop you from doing the things that you love to do because you hurt or that you are afraid that it will make you hurt.

But what if you didn’t have to live with back pain?

Can you picture it?

You Could Be:

1) Enjoying the great outdoors while dog sledding with an outfitter

Without the achy soreness of back pain, you could be sitting in the sled or better yet, driving the dogs up to Granite Hot Springs for a hot soak or up on Togwotee Mountain to Brooks Lake Lodge for a wonderful lunch and relaxation in the beautiful lodge.

2) Snow machining into the National Forest ripping powder turns

Without sciatica that increases with sitting and the sharp pain that occurs when you are jarred, you could be ripping donuts, jumping cornices and slalom through the trees with your friends getting great face shots and vistas.

3) Snow Shoeing with Friends

Without sharp, burning back pain that makes your face contort with every step, you could be experiencing the fun and adventure along a lake or deep in the woods with a group of like-minded playful friends and canines.

4) Downhill Skiing


Just think how easy putting on ski boots could be if your back didn’t hurt every time you bent over then twisted to buckle your boots.  You could be out catching face shots in the powder bowls, cruising the bump runs and sitting on the chair lift with your friends recounting the awesome run you just did.

5) Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride

If you back didn’t prevent you from sitting for less than 10 minutes, you could be sitting in a horse drawn sleigh being taken through the elk herd, watching the bulls and birds of prey with your grandchildren.

6) Tubing and the Mountain Coaster at Snow King

Without having difficulty going from sit to stand due to sharp back pain or sciatica, you could be sitting on a tube with your child and go careening down Snow King Mountain only to jump right up and do it again!  Then run over and ride the Mountain Coaster down the side of Snow King Mountain and be able to get out of the coaster without any problems at all.

7) Snow Coach Tour into Yellowstone National Park


If your back pain didn’t limit how long you could sit, you would be able to enjoy a Snow Coach ride to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

8) Art Gallery Walks and Museums

Without nagging back pain or sciatica, you could be walking through some amazing art galleries as well as museums including the National Museum of Wildlife Art and Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

There you go – 8 Great Things you could be doing in Wyoming if your nagging back pain wasn’t getting in your way of living an active life with your family and friends.

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To Great Health and Adventure...

Dr. V. Norene Christensen

Dr. V. Norene Christensen

Born and raised in New Jersey, Norene came west for skiing and outdoor activities like climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking. Since being out west she also began to enjoy fly fishing, hunting, sea kayaking and snowmobiling. She enjoys fine wine, gardening and her family.
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