About Athlete Injury Prevention

Four Pines Physical Therapy offers comprehensive physical therapy for injury prevention and injury rehabilitation. We work with athletes after an injury or at end-of-season when they may be experiencing overuse or fatigue. While injury rehabilitation is important it is more important to prevent injuries in the first place.

Injury prevention through physical therapy helps athletes reduce their injury risk, so they stay on the field and off the treatment tables. In fact, according to the National Athletic Training Association, more than half of youth sports injuries are preventable. Too often an athlete’s season is ended or hindered by injury that could have been prevented. It is not only the responsibility of the coach and athletic trainer to prevent injury, but the athlete’s as well.

Some ways that will help prevent potential injuries for athletes are:

  • Pre-season Physical
  • Power Warm-up
  • Proper Cool-down
  • Proper Training & Technique
  • Increase Training Gradually
  • Proper Fitting Equipment
  • Hydration
  • Breaks, Ret, & Recovery