About Barbell Assessments

Do you have a nagging injury that flares when you lift? Do you love to lift but worry that you will get injured? Have you plateaued in your lifting and are wondering how to take it to the next level?

Four Pines Physical Therapy Barbell Lifting Assessment is designed to help improve technique both to optimize performance and avoid injury. A Certified Physical Therapist will take you through a physical examination to look at your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Then, they will watch you perform several lifts – catered to your interest. The therapist can make personalized recommendations for form and technique tweaks to optimize your lifts. The Physical Therapist will also provide stretching or accessory work that you can use to treat nagging aches and pains or even avoid injury in the first place. Whether you are experienced in weightlifting, powerlifting or CrossFit or brand new to an exercise program Four Pines customized Barbell Assessment is right for you!