What is mTrigger Surface EMG Biofeedback?

Surface EMG biofeedback is a tool that uses myoelectrical signals to help retrain muscles and movement patterns. mTrigger is a visual biofeedback device that can be used in the beginning stages of rehab to facilitate the recovery of muscle function and strength as well as throughout the entire rehab program to keep you on track and making functional progress. With this device you can visually see what your muscles are doing, how well they are activating, and if they are activating correctly. After an injury and/or subsequent surgery, being able to address critical factors in rehabilitation with the mTrigger visual biofeedback system such as muscle activation, movement patterning, muscular imbalances, and altered biomechanics is imperative to enhancing and optimizing recovery. This rehabilitation tool is perfect for knees, shoulders, hips, low backs, and ankles!