What is it?

A form of low intensity resistance training that can be used to enhance muscle growth, strength, and performance of the working muscles A way to prevent muscle atrophy and build strength without increasing load on joints.

How does it work?

A specifically designed cuff is placed high up on the leg or arm Individualized amounts of compression are applied to the working limb and a select 1-4 exercise are performed as determined by your therapist The compression of the cuff causes a buildup of metabolic muscle byproducts that lead to enhanced muscle growth BFR can achieve similar results in muscle growth to heavy load strength training.

Who is it for?

Post-surgical clients (achilles tendon repair, ACL repair, meniscal repair, hip scope, or rotator cuff repair) with limitations in weight bearing or range of motion that prevents higher/heavier loads Clients with pain, arthritis, or degenerative issues that cannot handle higher/heavier loading to joints or tendons Clients with healing tissues that cannot yet handle higher/heavier loads High level athletes that need to maintain training intensity but cannot handle the high level of forces necessary to be competitive.

What are the benefits?

BFR helps to prevent muscle atrophy Allows for muscle strengthening without having to overload joints Excellent way to bridge the gap between low intensity and high intensity training

*Consult your doctor before beginning BFR if you have a history of deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, or may be pregnant